Diary same

diary same

Her Diary . His Diary: Motorcycle won't start can't figure out why. Share Share. Related posts: Portal Present · What Do You Think Of A Plan.
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They seem like they could mean the same thing, but I'm probably wrong. Summary: Diary and Journal have the same specific meaning, but..

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That makes you think more clearly. I wanted to start writing a journal, but what really stumped me was that I was soooo lazy to write. Edit: Oh wait, nevermind. I usually have to be in a certain mood to write, kinda like the feeling of having an epiphany. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Fail: Couple Gets Arrested On Flight To Los Angeles. A war diary is a regularly updated official record of a military unit's administration and activities during wartime maintained by an officer in the unit. If a student were to quote me in an academic argument, the instructor would be correct in taking the student to task about a basic lack of critical thinking and analytical logic.
diary same

Why can't women be so simple? About three hours later, while all was well, she suddenly got quite serious and asked if I was ready to tell her what was bothering me earlier, diary same. You can express your opinion to WordPress. Journals and diaries leave a personal account of the inner person most people never get to see. No one called all women crazy over analytical bitches.

Guitar Diary 6: How to sing and play guitar at the same time

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For a journal, one does not just record one's experiences but also thoughts, feelings and reflections. And besides, nothing ever happens to me worth writing in a diary.