Make yahoo your homepage

make yahoo your homepage

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Most browsers have a built in 'home' button which you can select to take you to the set home page. Going to the Yahoo URL of your preference.
This how to make yahoo your homepage. How to make Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc, your home page on firefox....

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Did this article help you? Your Internet Explorer Home Page.
make yahoo your homepage

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Make yahoo your homepage traveling

The URL s to the proper Yahoo destination s should be placed in the field. Yahoo password recovery methods include: Reset your Yahoo password online Recover your Yahoo password from... Click the "Change" link that appears beneath the box. This will allow you to set Chrome to load Yahoo!

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Selecting the close button saves the preferences and Yahoo should now be the home page of Google Chrome. In the "Enter a URL" field, enter Your email address will not be published. This site in other languages. Why am I being prompted to make Yahoo my homepage? This site will open every time you start Safari. Your browser "homepage" is the webpage you see each time you open that browser. Please email inquiries if you believe this is an error.