Radio revive hearts investing wrong relationship

radio revive hearts investing wrong relationship

Sign In · Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth Have I lost the wonder of my relationship with Christ, of the call to ministry? Am I just going.
I watched him work hard—so grateful for all the sweat equity he invested in our home. While it is wrong to make an idol of a spouse, wives can attribute worth or value to their husbands by responding to their I ask the Lord for a willing heart to honor my husband. It can even kindle fresh love in a struggling relationship.
During a rebellious time in his life, Lorne Matthews was looking for an excuse to divorce his wife. Hear their story today.

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But admiration is not just about the way a man looks. Dawn Wilson and her husband Bob live in Southern California. Do I have a genuine passion for Christ and ministry? Life has a way of throwing us surprises. In fact, in the ultimate sense, anything that makes us need God is a blessing! Due to the modern feminist revolution, the value of women has come to be equated with their roles in the community and in the marketplace.